Mantra Monday

While i’m training for my marathon, i’m trying to write down mantras for every mile, so when it comes to race day, I can use them as personal milestones. I read this awesome post by rUnladylike that inspired the idea. A few people had commented suggesting to get athletic tape and writing the mantras on the tape, and placing it on your arms, and remove them with each passing mile. So from today until a week before race day, i’ll be trying to share mantras on mondays and compile 26 of them for my half marathon & first marathon.
mantra monday

So for this Monday, the mantra I chose is…

“Everything will be alright, go boldy and find your happy!”

I just love that this begins with “everything will be alright,” it reminds me that no matter what hardship or obstacle you face at that moment, it will eventually pass.

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